Bergen Dissembly

Spectres of Infrastructure : Bergen Dissembly 
with Louis Moreno, Nora Sternfeld, Jenny Moore & Irit Rogoff



Hannah Arendt once described the spectral ability of the state to selectively assemble and destablize society according to its own opaque needs and desires. The situation was, she said, like a kind of seance. Strangers are gathered around a table, the lights are suddenly extinguished, and suddenly everybody discovers that the table holding them together has now vanished. In this final event of the Spectres of Infrastructure programme, we will discuss what to do with the all the knowledge, tables and projects that freethought has assembled in Bergen, once the lights go out on 1st October.
Please note : the Bergen Dissembly event starts with Nora Sternfeld’s tour @ 3pm, followed by a talk/conversation chaired by Louis Moreno in the Partisan cafe @ 4pm.